Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I studied mind, but I failed to control my mind.


Today I manage to wake up early in the morning. Seawal 4 pagi dah aku bangun dah. Smua sebab malam tadi aku lena awal akibat kecelaruan fikiran. I hate this feeling. Feeling of disapointment. Feeling of worries. Feeling which make u cry continously sampai pukul brape tetido pun tak tau. I bet everyone pun penah rase. Im the one who is highly motivation. Self-motivated. Unfortunately, by the time I fall, it would be very difficult to stand up again. Sometimes, it would better quit rather than continue with tears. I studied mind. I studied human behaviour. But I do not know how to control myself. How to control my mind. How to wake up from a disapoitment. Im tired. I just wanna say Im tired. I am really tired. I know Allah is always with me. Allah will give the toughest challenge to his strongest soldier. No matter how hurt it is, how bad the condition is. Even if I am the loser human being, still,  I'll keep faith in Allah. He will never test his servant beyond their competence. Pray for me people. Your doa are greatly appreciated.

with love,

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